Dr. Payne


Dr. Payne helped with my planter fasciitis! I could barely walk and within a week I was feeling great! He explained it to me in a way I could understand but didn't make me feel dumb. He also didn't try to push his offices "gear" on me. I told him I had gotten a brace at Walmart and explained how to use that one. He said if that worked for me then great! He also gave me some inexpensive/free ways to alleviate the pain! His office staff was friendly and understanding! I would absolutely send anyone I know to see Dr. Payne!


I saw Dr. Payne to remove an ingrown toenail. He did a great job, and kept me talking during the procedure while I was nervous. His entire staff was very friendly, and the whole visit was quick, but it didn't feel rushed. He also presented several options for my treatment, and walked me through what each entailed. He let me choose which procedure to go with, and I felt that he and his staff genuinely listened to my pain levels/concerns. I would definitely recommend this office.


Dr. Payne is the best foot doctor, with good bedside manner. He's super smart and a Dodger fan!!!! His office staff are great. I don't remember all the names, but not one of them is a prima donna like in many doctor's offices. Marina, Sue are two I remember. Kelly, one of Dr. Payne's medical assistants, is my special pal. She has all kinds of tricks to help with my feet and she is super nice.

Dr. Zapf


I'm so particular about my feet and had to see a good podiatrist to make sure everything is fine and this was a good experience!

Making an appointment was super easy, had no issues, staff was nice, and Dr. Zapf was funny, relaxed, and just to the point. If I ever do have issues with my feet, I'll be going back here, no doubt about it :)


Great, caring doctor and excellent staff. I had a nail issue that Dr. Zapf treated. He was funny and kind. Go Bruins too! Everything was explained to me before the procedure. I did get a touch woozy with the numbing injection and the nurse was really sweet to me. She checked on me and even wheeled me out to the car. I called back with a question later in the day and the desk staff was really helpful and nice. Great care from Dr. Zapf and the whole team. I also love that they got me in very quickly when I didn't even expect that or ask.


I've been to Dr. Zapf in both the AH and TO offices. I had MLS laser treatments in the TO office so was there a lot. He is such a kind, patient and great doctor. His whole staff in both locations are absolutely wonderful! I had to tell them myself but also came here to share it. I have a lot of health issues and have seen many doctors - they all stand out to me as kind & very competent people. If you need a great podiatrist, look no further.

Dr. Benson

Jennifer I.

I came in for plantar fasciitis and he told me I absolutely need to wear orthotics. I argued with him because I love wearing stylish shoes. He gave me a shoe with the perfect orthotic and the pain is gone.


Excellent care and support staff equally competent and professional, especially Tommi.

Being in healthcare too I'm sensitive to poor care and poor staff but this office is clearly outstanding!!

Erika H.

Dr. Benson fixed a VERY painful ingrown nail. No one can tell; it's an absolutely beautiful job. Just went to my first pedicure after the procedure and my manicurist couldn't even tell. I can't believe I dealt with the pain for so long before addressing it. So very glad I did. Dr. Benson is easygoing, friendly, and explains everything. 100% recommend.

Dr. Nguyen


Dr. Nguyen is an outstanding and caring doctor who took his time and listened to all my ankle and feet concerns. He suggested an MRI which revealed the source of my ankle pain and explained my issues in terms that were easy to understand. He gave me a few treatment options and explained the pros/cons of each one.. His friendly and compassionate demeanor was a great comfort and I feel fortunate to have him as my doctor. I highly recommend Dr Nguyen for any foot or ankle issues the process was very easy and his staff and facilities are excellent.


Dr. Tam Nguyen is very friendly and helpful in answering any of your questions. It has been a crazy long experience dealing with the issues I've had with my toenails, but I am so glad I found Dr. Tam who really cares about his patients. He is very informative and I appreciate him being so patient. I hate getting ingrown toenail surgeries and such, but once you get the injection you don't feel anything! The injection is the only part that is uncomfortable, but it's so worth it and I felt relieved. I highly recommend you go see him if you have any podiatry issues he is very great! :)


I'm beyond grateful to have found Dr. Nguyen. He has great bedside manner. Each time I see him, he's managed to patiently explain to me his findings, my diagnosis, and offer a thorough treatment plan. He always recommends conservative treatment to start and graciously goes through surgical options anyway. I never feel rushed when I see him. It's been awhile since our last appointment since I've fully healed so I may have to fracture my ankle going snowboarding just to make an appointment (haha just kidding). He is my go-to podiatrist and I am definitely recommending him to all my friends and family for all their podiatric needs. Thank you Dr. Nguyen! :)


I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis on and off for the better part of a decade. Ive been to physical therapy, orthopedics, chiropractors, you name it Ive been there. As fate would have it I met Dr. Tam through my jiu jitsu gym and quickly followed up with him thereafter. He was able to simplify my treatment plan in a way that no one else has done. He gave me an injection, stretching exercises, and fitted me for a pair of orthotics. Even gave me a long term plan of surgery if these modalities failed to work. Luckily, Ive been pain free and I continue to wear my orthotics daily. For all of your foot and ankle ailments come see Dr. Nguyen. He listens, is able to explain things in a clear and precise manner, and will never string you along.

Dr. Takeyama


This Doctor is very knowledgeable and has a great demeanor. I felt confident in the information he had shared with me... he gave me 2 injections and they were painless, I would recommend him anytime!


I was fearing the worst as my foot was swollen after a weekend of skiing. Staff was very technical and was able to proper diagnose my foot swelling. Highly recommend as I had no clue who to see and am glad my foot will be okay.


Very easy to make same day appointment. Did paperwork online before the appointment. Doctor gave me a few options to consider. Very helpful.


It was a great visit. New doctor was friendly. I really liked Dr. Takeyama.

Dr. Hurless


Dr. Jeffrey Hurless is the most knowledgeable, caring and pleasant Podiatrist I have ever been to. He took his time and explained my 2 separate problems. When I left, I had never felt better and more secure.


Dr. Hurless and his entire staff are top notch! I first remembered his name by saying Dr. hurt less, because that describes him perfectly. He is very professional, yet friendly, as is the same with his staff.

Gena Q.

Dr. Hurless is a fantastic Podiatrist. He is very focused and great at what he does. Had a serious fracture of my 1st metatarsal and he was great and I was able to avoid surgery. Staff is also amazing!

Elliot R.

Upon entering the office I was greeted by a friendly office staff. The office was very clean. Dr. Hurless was very friendly and listened to my problem. He had a solution and provided a new high tech boot for my foot. He had a plan to fix my foot problem. I would recommend him.

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